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What Is AnastasiaDate?

AnastasiaDate is an online dating service that is home to singles from all over the world. The beauty of it is that users are free to choose from a wide variety of options not being limited by boundaries of any kind. Is your idea of a feasible relationship with someone who is based nearby? Awesome, you will never have a shortage of great matches in your area once you are a member of the site! Or would you instead fancy casting your nets wider and fish in the international sea? You will be thrilled to discover the unlimited possibilities offered by the service!

When it comes down to the simplicity of use, AnastasiaDate is a definite winner. Creating a profile, looking for potential matches, paying for your membership and engaging in flirty conversations could not possibly be any easier. Another upside of using this service is that, in contrast to so many other services out there, you do not have to pay for the minimum of one month’s worth subscription, since here you only get to pay for the actual communication acts that you are engaging in.

In a nutshell, this website is all about searching for possible matches, picking the best from the best, initiating flirty convos in a variety of ways through all available communication mediums, and starting to date the partner of your dreams. Does it get any easier?

One thing should be added though, and it is the quality of members at AnastasiaDate: female profiles strike you with the beauty and dedication with which they are created. We will focus on the quality of profiles below, but from your first ever tour around AnastasiaDate, you cannot help noticing that the world’s most astonishing hotties are lined up here looking for a partner.

Is AnastasiaDate Legit and Trustworthy?

Online safety comes first, wherever your virtual pastimes may get you, and online dating is not an exception. If anything, putting up one’s profile on a dating website is one place you should be extra careful. In this connection it is very much encouraged to ask questions, carry out some basic research and be otherwise an informed and reasonable customer of such services. Before you pick a website that meets your needs and can potentially fulfill your expectations, you should definitely consider how real the services, meaning if there are actual people behind profiles, if they are active and if you do not fall prey to any kind of AnastasiaDate scam activities.

Rest assured that AnastasiaDate service is right on the money: they consistently deliver everything that they promise. One gets unlimited access to profiles of other users who are active and responsive in their majority, and so the chances of meeting that special someone are real. As for the customer support services, they are performed diligently and enthusiastically. The site management monitors user activity for optimal performance and eradicates any suspicious profiles with lots of determination for the ultimate safety of honest users of the dating service.

AnastasiaDate Search & Matching Tools

AnastasiaDate developers made sure that anyone can find a perfect match on the website. In order to make this vision into reality, they created a filtering system that allows them to narrow down the choice of a potential partner based on multiple criteria. Of course, you might just as well discard the entire matching system and rely on a chance, meeting other singles as you would in real life, being guided by nothing more than a spark of physical attraction. Whatever works! But it is also nice to rule out any possible incompatibilities that some couples discover well into their budding online relationship when an emotional investment makes it challenging to part ways, albeit only in the virtual penates.

Using the matching tool at AnastasiaDate, you will be able to customize the scope of potential matches, choosing such parameters as location, age, physical features, civil status, children (or desire to have any), social habits, drinking and smoking habits, etc.

AnastasiaDate search tool embedded in the site’s engine allows locating singles by country or name (in case you are looking for somebody you’ve previously seen or talked to and need to have a shortcut to find them). Using the dating service becomes genially simpler with those two universal tools at your fingertips.

AnastasiaDate Free Login to Chat

While the proof of the pudding might be in the eating, the efficiency of any given dating service is in the number and quality of its users. I think everyone would agree that it is nice having your expressions of interest reciprocated, and conversation openers responded to. At AnastasiaDate, the rates with which singles reply to messages are kept above average. In order to ensure that everyone is motivated to reply, the system of payment with credits is used. It is there to make sure that once you engage with somebody, you need to pay for communication bits and this obviously keeps you motivated to get serious about this one person.

According to my personal experience with the service, I could say that about 99% of the users are real and most of the matches one gets tend to respond within 24 hours. This really makes AnastasiaDate service stand out as compared to a magnitude of other similar websites, where profiles are as often as not fake and bot-driven, users unmotivated and things look otherwise not so pretty.

As for the users themselves, their general social and geographical consistency, one can say that AnastasiaDate is home to a rather diverse crowd. There are singles from the majority of European and American countries, quite a slew of profiles natives to Asia, and then some. But one thing is slightly skewed here, and it is the number of female profiles. Roughly estimated, they outnumber those of males by 2/3, which of course is not a reason to complain if you are in the camp of that latter!

The females here are most all of model quality. This can be accounted for the fact that many of them come from countries that are traditionally believed to be home to the world’s most beautiful women. You will find many girls from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries of the Post-Soviet territories. Most of them have a good level of English and can communicate with men outside their country of origin without problems.

Chat Features

The ways of communicating at Anastasia can put to shame many a dating service: you can chat, exchange emails, send virtual gifts or flirty emoticons, send actual flowers to girls halfway across the globe, embark on a video chat adventure and stay in touch in any way you could possibly think of.

AnastasiaDate Members Area: Credits, Pricing, Subscribing

AnastasiaDate free chat system is only available to paying members of the service. This is a common practice adopted by the majority of dating websites. Creating and maintaining a huge and elaborate social network means efforts, time and money paid for people working on it.

When you get yourself past the login page, you will have to buy credits in order to be able to chat with other members of the service. The site uses the so-called PPL system, which is deciphered as Pay Per Letter. This means exactly what it says: you pay every time you need to send a correspondence bit. For the simplicity and security of payment, users do not have to use their credit card every time they engage in conversations online – instead, all payments are done using credits that one gets using their credit card. The pricing is given below:

  • 20 credits = $15.99
  • 40 credits = $30
  • 80 credits = $56
  • 160 credits = $96
  • 320 credits = $185
  • 500 credits = $249
  • 1,000 credits = $399

Sending a regular message will cost a user 10 credits, while a minute of a video chat will leave their virtual wallet 6 credits lighter. The point that I would like to reiterate here is that this system is a major benefit for those who are not willing to pay for months of membership for all kinds of “animals in the sack”. Instead, you have the possibility of only spending money when you meet someone who sparks the interest in you.

AnastasiaDate Pros & Cons

AnastasiaDate Benefits

  1. Large user database. AnastasiaDate has hundreds of thousands of users worldwide, which increases the chances of meeting this someone special, multifold. The users are active and motivated to engage in meaningful communication.
  2. International subscriptions. The site is about casting your nets far and wide, making it possible for users to meet potential partners from kingdoms far, far away without the need of leaving the comfort of their homes.
  3. AnastasiaDate Date & Chat App. You can bring the dating service with you wherever, matching and chatting on the go with AnastasiaDate mobile app. A simpler interface with everything you need within a click and a swipe away.
  4. Verified profiles. Users need to go through the verification process in order to be approved. This guarantees safety and discretion of the dating service.
  5. Secure and anonymous. Every step you take on the website is secured by SSL encryption that guarantees your safety and anonymity. Whenever users of AnastasiaDate delete account, every trace of their online presence is wiped out and no sensitive information is shared with third parties.

AnastasiaDate Cons

  1. A simple color scheme of the site;
  2. The absence of video chat on the app;
  3. A rather steep price;
  4. Some users do not speak enough of English.

AnastasiaDate Review – Summary

AnastasiaDate is a perfect choice for those who would like to look for a partner using every possible chance offered by modern technologies. This online dating site makes it possible to meet singles from all over the world. The price of the subscription is democratic and the payment is only required when you are ready to engage in conversations with other subscribers to the service. Customer support works diligently on verifying profiles and eradicating shady profiles, making AnastasiaDate a secure and friendly community with attractive and actively engaged users.