Asia Me Review


  • Perfect support team
  • Strong security makes dating safe
  • 3 times Award Winner

AsiaMe Dating – Introducing

Nowadays, about 1 in 10 couples in the world have formed through dating sites. According to a survey by INED, dating sites would be in 5th position means to find a partner. And the popularity of dating sites is steadily increasing because they are a fast and effective way to make new acquaintances. Thousands of singles register on dating sites and start their search for a new partner.

AsiaMe is one of the best Asian dating sites on the web today. Currently, it is responsible for creating 2 million couples, the service is resolutely turned towards an approach of meetings adapted to your profile.

AsiaMe events are regularly organized in more than 70 cities to have the opportunity to meet the soul mate. Because love, at first sight, can also take place during a cooking class, a painting class or a karaoke, AsiaMe proposes to facilitate meetings so that everyone can be released during a friendly moment. Registration is free and fast before you subscribe to a subscription and you can even download the application AsiaMe to miss any meeting!

What Is AsiaMe?

You are demanding and only want the best? So look no further, trust AsiaMe! This dating site for singles interested in Asian connections allows you to meet people you trust based on your affinities. If the registration is free, however, you will need to be approved by members of the community of the site in order to enter the very selective club of AsiaMe. com. Each new profile is manually checked to provide you with the guarantee of reliable dating. AsiaMe is here to coach and support you in your search. The site also offers you the opportunity to have meaningful interactions in a number of ways with incredibly beautiful ladies from the Far East that could change your life!

Is AsiaMe Legitimate? Or Scam?

Let me get some things straight upfront and get this question out of the way: the majority of AsiaMe profiles are real. I say “the majority” with deliberation, because even the most popular and universally recognized services, dating or not, cannot vouch for 100% of their users be actually human and the persons they claim to be. This said AsiaMe customer support reps do whatever it takes to weed out any user with AsiaMe dating online scams plans and instill the feeling of safety and security for other users out there.

The female profiles of AsiaMe sometimes look too good to be true. But if you have ever seen a flock of Asian girls flaunting by, you will be the first to say that the sight is ethereal. When you create your profile and start browsing other singles’ pages, you almost instantaneously get bombarded by direct messages from the cutest ladies you’ve ever seen. Do not get too excited though: chances are high that most of them come from bots or ladies making money on the service. I can tell for sure because some of them look too impersonal to be addressed to anyone in particular, and then again, they appear in your inbox even way before you have the chance to upload a picture or properly fill out your personal information fields.

I suggest you do not get turned off and discouraged by that practice, firstly, because it is more or less present throughout the dating scene, especially where the PPL system is used; and secondly, because not all of those messages will be AsiaMe scams. The best thing you can do is to fill out your profile page at your own pace, and start enjoying the real communication with real Asian beauties. Just make sure you build up your pictorial and verbal presentation wisely so that you attract the right kinds of persons in the right quantities!

Then again you should consider that male users are drastically outnumbered here, so the competition for the ladies here is really tough. This encourages them to seek contacts with male users more actively, and once your profile gets into the system, they are swirling like a swarm of butterflies around you. I am the last one to complain!

AsiaMe Matching & Texting Tools

AsiaMe is designed to be a perfectly sharpened tool for finding your true match and developing a long term relation with them in a meaningful way, with a perspective of meeting this special someone in real life and creating a solid couple. Sounds dreamy? Why not! With the world’s statistics of 1 couple in 10 having started on an online dating service, it is no longer a problem to take a virtual rapport to a real one and seal the deal – if that is what appeals to your imagination and goes in sync with your lifetime’s ambition!

AsiaMe search and filtering tools are hardwired to yield the best possible results. You can choose your potential matches by age, location, ethnicity, religion, physical criteria and marital status, as well as a number of other parameters that really help to fine-tune your search. Alternatively, you can dial in the personal ID number of the user you are looking for or their user name – reserved for the instances when you are looking for someone in particular.

AsiaMe Members Quality

First and foremost, we take a look at the character traits that the Asian girls usually share. Then we go into the details. I think you will love this structure because it has everything for everyone. And before we start, as Asia is a continent… and there are lots of differences, so it will be a very general guide. We will also talk about Asian women who grew up in Asia AND then we also talk about Asian girls who are from the West so you can basically choose the country you live in as your location as you use AsiaMe search tool without the need to look for possible matches far and beyond and then travel to meet them.

Let’s go into the subject in question. Usually, Asian women are:

  • Shy and withdrawn;
  • Friendly and polite;
  • Interested in where you come from;
  • Excited about learning about their culture;
  • Very caring;
  • Can sometimes travel to meet you;
  • Love foreigners;
  • Are very intelligent;
  • Have a reputation of being submissive;
  • Looking for masculine men;
  • Don’t like physical contact in public so much;
  • May be too cute (in an irritating way).

As for the power balance between male and female profiles, you will be thrilled to know that for every 10 females there is 1 male. Think about how great your chances of succeeding are with so little competition! It is statistically reported that most of the females on AsiaMe originate from China, Vietnam, and Thailand, but other Asian countries like Japan, Taiwan, Mongolia, North, and South Korea are presented as well. The majority of men here come from the Western world. This is not any surprise when we come to consider that the resource is dedicated for catering to the needs of Caucasian men and Asian women mutually attracted to each other.

Features at AsiaMe Dating Site

AsiaMe is a heaven for those wanting to take their online interactions to a new level. Here, you will be able to get and keep in touch with the ladies that seize your attention using a variety of tools like direct messages, emails, live chat, voice calls, cam chat, ice-breaker emoji exchange and a special feature, Admirer Email. This latter is actually another way of breaking the ice with a preset conversation opener that manifests your interest and helps you express the willingness to engage in further communication.

While signing up and AsiaMe login are free of charge, you will have to pay for the privilege of communicating with the ladies on the site (the function is free of charge for female users). The site uses a PPL (pay per letter) system of payment. By purchasing a pack of credits, you will be able to pay for the messages you exchange (1 credit for receiving and firing off a message). You will also be able to pay for minutes of live chat and video chat, as well as phone calls.

Want to really make an impression and stand out from the crowd of her admirers? Send a virtual gift or, better still, a bouquet of flowers to the lady of your dreams! The service is available for an additional cost on the site, and you can pay conveniently using the same credits system.

Premium Account – Payment & Subscription

Becoming a registered member at AsiaMe gets your foot in the door in a big way: you can create and update your profile for free, “check out the offer” browsing potential matches (without full access to their accounts) and receive notifications about messages you get. In order to benefit from all the site’s functions, you definitely need to upgrade to Premium membership. All AsiaMe reviews are unanimous about the necessity of the account upgrade. These are the benefits that you get as a paid member:

  • Access to thousands of profiles of hot Asian singles;
  • Use of communication features;
  • Exclusive features of the site made available;
  • AsiaMe mobile app to use on the go;
  • Increased visibility of your profile;
  • More visits by other singles.

AsiaMe Pros & Cons

AsiaMe is a great resource if you want to have an Asian wife or a girlfriend but traveling to meet someone is not exactly what you are prepared to do. The site offers many opportunities to succeed in your quest for Asian beauty, with its drawbacks and upsides. In my opinion, the advantages outnumber the shortfalls by far, but you be the judge:


  1. Male to female ratio skewed in favor of ladies;
  2. Hundreds of thousands of beautiful single ladies from Asia;
  3. The majority of users actively using the site;
  4. Thousands of new users on daily basis;
  5. Great search and filter tools;
  6. Developed system of messaging;
  7. Secure dating space;
  8. Convenience of use;
  9. Cool interface.


  1. Not free of charge for male singles;
  2. Certain amount of scammers cannot be avoided;
  3. PPL costs tend to accumulate if you are overactive with messaging.

AsiaMe Review – Summary

The reason why the girls in Asia are different from those in America, for example, is because Asian culture is much more different. In Asia, people are much more reserved and traditions are followed. In contrast, Asians who have grown up in America will be much more like Americans, as they have not experienced these traditions and influences. Asian women are viewed as something very exotic and desirable by many men in the Western world. And while millions of men here dream of bringing home a wife from one of the Asian countries, few can afford it. AsiaMe makes things possible for men dreaming of an Asian partner: the cost of it is affordable to almost everyone, and the results speak for themselves: more than a hundred new couples are formed every month thanks to the resource.