AsiaCharm Review


  • Convenient site interface
  • Detailed FAQ for customers
  • Awesome naughty content

AsiaCharm – Dating Site – Introducing

Asia Charm came to be in the early aughts, and in recent years has invested in growing in both America and several other European countries; many who read this have probably seen their pretentious commercials. The site currently has about 13 million registered members, with the data of how many users per country not being made official.

Asia Charm is at your fingertips a matchmaking site that is aimed at singles over 30 who want to meet someone for a serious relationship. The presence of a matchmaking tool means that there is, on top of the ordinary search function, the feature that suggests other members (partner suggestions) when systems believe have a personality as compatible with their own. If matchmaking pages make it easier to meet the right person, it has shared opinions about it, but regardless, it is an interesting topic, and some argue that recruitment sites have a lot to learn from the online dating matchmaking pages.

Looking at the design, Asia Charm is a clear page that is intuitive and easy to navigate. The color scheme, which goes in light blues, dark blue and white with blue colored buttons, gives a feeling of light elegance and luxury. There is nothing wrong with the speed – even if the page is not in a class with e.g. Badoo – it quickly turns out to be between the different parts of the page. Popup windows are used in suitable places but could have been used more often to give a little extra flow.

Overall, Asia Charm is a well-developed site, but given that the site is in over 15 countries and the same platform is used, it would be short-sighted of the company behind it to not put many resources on the technical bit.

Is AsiaCharm Legitimate and Real?

Asia Charm is aimed at singles who wish to have a functioning and long-term relationship and those who seek to make a meaningful connection with a partner (mostly women) from Asian countries. Dating on Asia Charm is based on matching singles from the European and American countries with women (and sometimes men, but only in a straight relationship paradigm), and you are ready to set off and find a partner using filtering and searching tools.

The company makes legitimate claims as for the quality of its profiles and services, as well as efficiency and success rate. Having used the services of the dating service myself and having read Asia Charm reviews, I can conclude that here one can always find a partner for flirting and a pal pen in the very least. But as the company very rightfully positions itself, they are in the business of creating international families, and this they do. With the risk of getting scammed when you are most vulnerable and open always being there, Asia Charm is one of the Web’s safest places where you can actually let down your guard and enjoy with the moment.

Asia Charm: Login and Matching Tools

The filtering tool at AsiaCharm offers the opportunity to fine-tune your search for a partner. The questions are about such areas as: personality, character traits, attitude to conditions and view of relationships and love. The majority of the questions have completed answer options that can be checked, but in the end there are questions where you yourself have to write someone to some rows in text boxes. If you do not want to complete the test in one go and go directly to the profile page, you can cancel the test in the middle. Once the test is complete, a list of partner suggestions is shown – other members that the site believes have a personality that is compatible with their own.

You can then of course filter and search partners by the country, age and other more down-to-earth criteria. This is actually the beauty of the AsiaCharm matchmaking system: you can rely both on personality-based filtering and on manual search tools, availing from the benefits of both methods. The search tool also comes in very handy when you need to find someone by their user name.

Date a Girls at AsiaCharm

Asia Charm is exactly what it sounds like when it comes down to user profiles: the subscribers here are mostly women coming from the Asian countries and men looking for their oriental princess for a serious relationship or marriage. It is then hardly any surprise that the absolute majorities of women here look like cover girls: slender and enigmatically beautiful, they make one’s head turn around too easily. But it is for this that you are here at Asia Charm, right? So knock yourself out leafing through the profiles of one Asian charmer after another, and mark my word, you will not leave disappointed.

It should be noted that almost every Asia Charm review points out the responsiveness of women at the dating site and their willingness to engage in meaningful conversations, be it on LiveChat or through the available feature of VideoChat (more on the communication features in the paragraphs below). Ladies here are very motivated to talk, exchange flirty messages, meet in real life and finally leave their country for good should some serious involvement is in the stars for the two of you. This is what brings out the service from other similar dating platforms: when you are chatting up a storm with a cutie two states away from you, you know she will most probably make a big deal of as much as meeting up, let alone changing her postal code for you.

Customers Support

Customer support at Asia Charm has zero tolerance towards scammers and fake profiles, so every user’s profile undergoes moderation. This makes the site a user-friendly place where one can look for love with a peace of mind and without the fear of getting scammed that daunts most of the males on mail order bride sites.

Asia Charm Date & Chat System

Whether it is possible to meet someone at Asia Charm, I could not answer because it depends on who the person asking is, what the person is looking for and where the person lives. On all dating sites it is easier to meet someone if you live in a larger city because there is a larger selection of singles, but if you are at a mail order bride site like Asia Charm, the boundaries blur. If you are looking for dating and online dating on the Internet, Asia Charm is visible almost everywhere, which indicates that they should have a lot of members. And when it comes to dating sites as well as the parties, a lot of members/people are equal to more chance of meeting someone.

As with most payment sites, it is not possible to see if a person is an Asia Charm free or Premium member. If you send a message to someone who visited your own profile, the person must be a paid member to be able to read it. But, this arrangement is not unique to Asia Charm. Had all members being able to read messages, many would send over their private email address and then communicated via email.

Once again, the profile page also shows the person’s profession, age, religion, tobacco habits, and attitude towards having children. It is also possible to see what the person answered the questions that, during registration, required written answers.

To contact another member, either ask questions, send a smile or write a message. The smile and message functions are obvious… but a good thing about the latter is that messages can be saved as drafts.

The list of communication features available at Asia Charm is:

  • Email exchange
  • LiveChat
  • Sending virtual gifts
  • Sending smileys and flirty emoticons
  • VideoChat
  • Sending gifts and flowers IRL

AsiaCharm Paid Members Area

An Asia Charm free registration starts with filling out a very simple form with personal information that includes your user name (pick one and wear it proudly after availability check!), date and year of birth, email address and password. Unfortunately, you cannot register with your existing Facebook or Google account, but the process itself is otherwise extremely simplified and not at all time-consuming. Use Asia Charm login button in the top right field in order to access your existing account.

Aspiring paying members have the choice of two different payment memberships called Premium status. Unlike Asia Charm free registration, an Asia Charm Premium membership means that it is possible to have a contact for real. Here are some features included:

  • Send and receive smiles
  • Send and receive messages
  • See pictures of the other members
  • See which other members have visited their own dating profile
  • It is possible to verify the profile and become a “verified member”
  • See when sent messages have been read

For each profile shown there are three options; send a message or questionnaire to begin contact. The third option is to scroll to the next profile. I was not impressed by the function; it is not possible to see a large version of the profiles’ photos. But on the other hand, it is precisely this that is the point – a real hit can be anywhere. The most interesting Premium feature is the ability to become a verified member. Being a verified member means that the profile gets an extra icon that shows that Asia Charm verified name, date of birth and address. Profile visitors can be sure that a person is the one whom he claims to be.

To become a verified member, you send in a copy of their ID card or passport to Asia Charm customer service, eg. via e-mail. How smooth this is, we do not know because we did not, but it should take a maximum of 24 hours for Asia Charm to verify the data. I saw that quite a few profiles had the icon, so of all to judge it should all be handled well.

The site uses the system of PPL, which is paying for every bit of communication exactly when you are on it. In order to be able to do so, you will need to acquire credits in one of the following sets:

  • 20 credits for $ 9.99
  • 50 credits for $ 28.99
  • 125 credits for $ 64.99
  • 250 credits for $ 99.99
  • 750 credits for $ 214.99

Only male users have to pay for the communication. Slightly sexist, in my mind, but this is an approach practiced by the majority of mail order bride sites.

Asia Charm Pros & Cons

Asia Charm Advantages

  1. Millions of active subscribers;
  2. Hottest women from Asia ready for relationships;
  3. Safe and user-friendly environment;
  4. Easy and inexpensive system of payment;
  5. Elaborate communication methods;
  6. Complementary services that add value;
  7. Friendly and efficient customer support.

Cons of AsiaCharm

  1. Not possible to register with Facebook or Google;
  2. Unavailability of IRL date service (only for premium).

Asia Charm Review – Summary

Asia Charm legit claims to help you find an exotic beauty are right on the money. I would go with what Asia Charm dating reviews say: here you can have a blast communicating with the most gorgeous girls from Asia (and if you are a woman yourself, you can find quite a number of Asian males) and meet up with them in real life. Unfortunately, if you would like to have some assistance with taking things from clicks to bricks, the site does not provide any options for arranging IRL meetings. Luckily, this is about the only drawback of Asia Charm that I could identify after a month of using the service.