LoveSwans Review


  • Perfect matching system
  • Free access to chat
  • ID is not required

What is LoveSwans?

LoveSwans dating site has become known internationally as a provenly efficient website densely populated by the hottest women from Slavonic countries. And probably when I say that it should also mean that those are arguably the most beautiful women in the world. If you are anything like me, you would agree that naturally blond hair, blue eyes and razor-sharp cheekbones topped with their catwalk gait are a textbook definition of all things sexy. LoveSwans will put you through to millions of girls from Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus, as well as a handful of other countries within the region. And what is the best thing about it? The cherry on top is that they are all eager to chat, meet, engage in an affair or get married off to one of the more economically developed countries.

The design of the website is light and breezy; the registration page, which is at the same time the home page of the service and LoveSwans login page, sets the right kind of mood straight off the bat. The registration process takes but a few steps, and you will be taken to the tour page instantaneously after filling out the respective fields with your personal information.

Is LoveSwans a Scam? Or Legitimate?

LoveSwans reviews range from rhapsodical to underwhelmed and even claiming that the service is a scam. While you will see from this my review that my take on the LoveSwans goes in sync with the former ones, I feel the need to address possible misconceptions generated by the certain controversy around the website. Unfortunately, scamming is not rare on the dating scene; there are always users preying on singles when they are at their most vulnerable, during a search for a new partner online. One should always be cautious and use common sense when sharing their sensitive information with anybody online.

I am personally certain that any negative buzz that was generated about LovesSwans was triggered by single instances of such trust abuse, or fake profiles. However, I can vouch for the customer support on the website being vigilant and having zero tolerance towards any kind of phishing, impersonating or scamming. Profiles of women on Love Swan get verified before they become available for visiting, which ensures user safety during surfing on the site’s pages.

LoveSwans Ladies Matching Feature

At LoveSwans, you can avail of a variety of filters, as well as a classical search tool. Unlike dating sites that have made a name for themselves using science as a matchmaking tool, this dating service relies more on the good old “gut feeling” – you see the photo, you feel attraction, you initiate a conversation. It does not get much simpler. However, there are still features that allow you finding a partner with personal traits, looks and life situations that you find the most agreeable. Here is an (incomplete) list of categories by which you can choose your matches on LoveSwan:

  • age & civil status;
  • height & weight;
  • eye & hair color;
  • physique parameters;
  • children & lifestyle habits.

Based on the above, you will be able to filter the possible matches and offered a selection of partners based on your preferences. Be prepared to be faced with thousands of profiles of the most beautiful girls from the Eastern Europe – the biggest challenge about using LoveSwans will easily be the problem of choice: there are just too many eye candy ladies calling for your attention.

A simpler search tool will help you find subscribers by their username or simply look for singles using less complicated search parameters for the even bigger range of profiles to choose from. This feature is optimal for those who haven’t got any particular type.

LoveSwans Dating Profiles & User Quality

As previously stated, LoveSwans is a dating service dedicated to singles from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Czech Republic, Poland and other countries of Eastern Europe. In a word, the entire region with the world’s most attractive females is represented on the website. It is firmly engraved in the mentality of men around the world that the Eastern European girls are irresistible. But hot looks aside, they make perfect girlfriends and wives. Family traditions in this part of the world are something special, and women learn to be great keepers of the home, wives, and mothers from the experience of their mothers and grandmothers. If you would like to feel like a real head of the family, you definitely need to search for a wife here.

The most striking feature about LoveSwans is the quality of female profiles. Leafing through them, page after page, you will have a feeling you are browsing centerfolds of a men’s magazine. Do not expect anything too racy though: after all, LoveSwans focuses mainly on long-term relationships and traditional family values. Most men and women subscribing to the service want to create a family as the result of using the website.

Chat & Date Feature at LoveSwans

LoveSwans system of communicating with other users is well worth the kudos. Indeed, few dating services, even with more elaborate matchmaking tools, can boast a system of virtual intrapersonal communication that is as diversified and efficient. At LoveSwans, users can start off a convo by exchanging preset ice-breakers. If your mind has gone blank, you can always fire off a flirty emoji as an impromptu conversation opener. What can be less committal than that? If not, a virtual gift is your option. Actually, those can be used at whichever point of communication – and not only those! There is a complimentary service of sending real gifts and flowers to girls you have got a crush on. Quite an ingenious feature I daresay, because few things can be as classy as expressing your feelings with a bunch of roses.

Another great communication feature at LoveSwans is video chat when users on both sides can see each other and talk in real time. It is a perfect way to see your match move, smile, hear their voice and laughter. Without the fear of exaggerating, a video chat is a make it or break it the point of your communication – it will help make a solution about the next important step in the history of your relationship, which is taking things into real life.

Love Swans Subscription & Premium Area

LoveSwans exploits the “Pay Per Click” system of payment. It entails purchasing a package of site’s credits (their value for money increases with the size of the package) which you then use up in communicating with your matches.

Without a Premium account, you will not be able to accomplish much. Free members at LoveSwans can see snippets of potential matches’ profiles, but they have no access to either full profiles with personal photos or to the messaging system. Upgrade to a paid membership is required in order to receive unlimited access to the search tool, other users’ profiles and the possibility to exchange messages.

As a member, most time will be spent on the page showing the partner suggestions and on the other members’ profile pages. The list of partner suggestions shows the first name, city and the first three digits of the postal code. Only when clicking on a partner proposal and coming to the profile page will the images appear (provided the member has uploaded some).

This arrangement leads to each profile getting many visitors, and since there will be an email notification every time someone has been on the profile, the members of pure curiosity will often log in. The layout also means that free members are tempted to become Premium members – because they want to see how the person who visited the profile looks.

LoveSwans Pros & Cons

LoveSwans Advantages

LoveSwans has a long list of benefits that attract subscribers worldwide. I really have difficulty prioritizing over any of them, so I would say that the overall efficiency is the major advantage of becoming a subscriber of the service. This advantage is made up by a winning combo of such pros as:

  • millions of users worldwide;
  • international user database;
  • female users range from pretty to scandal beauty;
  • simplicity of use;
  • diversified communication features;
  • safety of services;
  • convenient and economical PPL system of payment;
  • anti-scam and anti-scam filters;
  • advanced search tool;
  • effective customer support.

LoveSwans Cons

Among the downsides of the site I could name the following:

  • occasional fake profiles;
  • tough competition for female users;
  • not free of charge for males.

Love Swans Review – Summary

The bottom line is that the service is one of the best options for men looking for a mail order bride in one of the Eastern European countries. LoveSwans management specializes in bringing together the beautiful woman from the East and economically stable single men from the Western countries. The owners of the site seem to know very well how to make things work smoothly on both sides; both basic features of the site and complimentary services work efficiently towards achieving meaningful results in the personal life of subscribers. LoveSwans is responsible for creating many happy families, making it possible for people born and raised thousands of miles and cultures apart to meet each other and find their true love. Despite a certain amount of controversy swirling around mail order brides, the proof of their functionality is the statistics that show 87% of LoveSwans users being able to find what they have been looking for, and 91% being satisfied with LoveSwans dating experience (based on site’s internal statistics courtesy LoveSwans customer support department).