RomanceTale Review


  • Local searching available
  • Anonymous & safe
  • Registration takes a few clicks

What Is RomanceTale?

Romance Tale ( history goes back to 2010 when the website was designed to bring together singles from the two parts of the world. With so much demand for Asian brides among the European and American bachelors, it is hardly surprising that the service has become popular among millions of singles. The number of actively engaged subscribers on the RomanceTale online dating site reaches several million.

The first impression one gets when checking out the front page is “Whoa, is that all it takes to get started?”. Yep, it is. A quick registration with the service takes you directly to a tour around the website’s profiles. Although it takes some more work honing your profile and stepping up your membership game, you can get your eyeful of the good things awaiting you once you are a Premium member. Apropos of that: the Premium membership is worth $9.99 with 20 free credits thrown in for an added value (more on the credit system of payment accepted on the website in the sections that follow).

The landing page slash home page slash sign up page slash RomanceTale sign in the page is dreamy and vibrant, as is the rest of the website design, set in lucid hues to convey the feeling of imminent happiness and serenity. Somehow, you get hopeful already taking the first steps and an initial look around the website. The male vs. female ratio on the website is seriously skewed towards the better sex, and the profile picture of the members could give any a photo model a run for her money. A few minutes into creating a profile, messages start arriving. To answer those and to contact other singles you will need to fill up on credits though.

Is RomanceTale Legit? Or Scam?

The website history dates back more than 9 years, and it’s being around for a considerable span of time is sure evidence that the service is a real deal. RomanceTale scam claims cannot hold water since although there is always a risk of a scammer artist working its way into the website’s community, those are very quickly detected and neutralized by the customer support. Those few complaints circling around in RomanceTale dating site reviews obviously reflect such unfortunate instances.

The actual state of things is that RomanceTale offers unlimited opportunities to find someone you like, engage in meaningful communication with them and, should the situation escalate in a good way, take them out from clicks to bricks, setting up an IRL date. The success rate of RomanceTale reaches 71%, which is a great achievement when we compare it to other similar services. One way or another, the website is the best bet for European and American singles looking for a partner from Asia. Few will argue that online dating is about the only way to meet singles halfway around the world from you in an effortless and affordable way. RomanceTale has been making this happen day in, day out, for almost a decade now. The success stories shared by real users reflect that RomanceTale is one of the biggest and most well-established dating services out there, yielding actual results.

RomanceTale Login & Matching Tools

RomanceTale offers three kinds of filtering algorithms: the basic search, extended search tool and an exclusive feature called Faces. If you want to get serious about finding the right person on RomanceTale, I suggest that you make use of all the three, alternating between the search tools for maximizing your outcomes. Here is a brief presentation of those:

  1. Basic search. Using this option, you will find sexy Asian singles by specifying nothing other but their age. This filter engine has an obvious benefit of yielding the biggest number of profiles you can browse until somebody catches your eye.
  2. Extended search. This method allows filtering potential partners in a more efficient way, making sure you only get to see the profiles of singles meeting a certain number of preset criteria. Those criteria include age, location, religion, marital history, and civil status, command of English, eye and hair color, drinking and tobacco habits, children or wish to have any in the future. You can also use this tool to search for users by their internal ID.
  3. Faces. Now this one is all the fun of the fair, and it is exactly what it sounds like: you give a chance to that proverbial love at first sight, “liking” or skipping based on whether or not you are attracted to the way the person looks. Some might argue that this Tinder-inspired system is shallow, but it is a tale of romance we are writing, should there be no room for what the French call “coupe de foudre”?

RomanceTale Girl Profiles Quality

The contingent of RomanceTale is built up mostly by single women from Asian countries and men from economically developed Western countries. To be more precise, the female profiles are represented by East Asia: Japan, China, Taiwan, Macau, North Korea, and South Korea. Although the general trend is that the ladies come from the East while the male population is from the West, the other way around also has its place on RomanceTale.

The users of the service are actual persons they claim to be, active and motivated to find their next love on the Web. I say “love” and I mean it since this service is primarily focused on long term relationships and even marriage.

Using the filtering and search options enumerated above, you can add users to Favorites, having the hottest one within a couple of clicks and ready to engage in chatting whenever they are available online. Another way to tell that RomanceTale is a highly efficient matchmaker is the number of active users online at any given moment, so you are not likely to wait for the response for hours on end.

Chat & Date System at RomanceTale

To fully make use of everything that RomanceTale has to offer, I suggest that you switch between various messaging tools available on the platform. The good news is, there are many of them and they are all perfectly functional. Want to make an impression? Tell the woman you fancy a bit about what kind of person you are, and why you think she is your ideal match – using an email form. Or hit her up with a quirky line on LiveChat. Send a virtual gift or an emoji as a conversation opener if you are more on the introverted side, or sweep her off her feet sending real flowers to her home. Being charming and creative is so easy on RomanceTale whose name turns out to be right on the money!

The site offers a video chat feature for those moments when you are both ready to give it a real try. It is one thing to admire your potential partner’s looks in a photograph, and quite another to see them smiling at you, hear them talking and generally getting a feel for what it is like to take them out on a date. This is when things get a whole lot more real. A video chat will help you both make up your mind about whether or not it is worthwhile to pursue the budding affair in real life.

Romance Tale Premium: Price & Payment

In order to become a Premium member at RomanceTale, you will need to pay a token amount of $9.99; the cost of 20 “credits” is already included in the purchase. Becoming a Premium account holder makes it possible to avail of all the three search tools and add the profiles you like to your folder of Favorites. But in order to actively participates in LiveChat and exchange other bits of communication, you will be required to buy a package of credits.

RomanceTale is fairly convenient that way: with no monthly expense but a single-payment Premium membership fee, it makes for perfectly economical service. You do not have to pay a dime if you are currently skipping on your RomanceTale login, as you only use your credits when you are actively communicating with someone.

Here is what it costs to acquire communication credits at RomanceTale:

  • 20 credits for $9.99;
  • 50 credits for $28.99;
  • 125 credits for $64.99;
  • 250 credits for $99.99;
  • 750 credits for $214.99.

Most of those credits will obviously be used up in exchanging emails and on LiveChats, but getting to see those special ones in LiveChat will not cost you an arm and a leg: the prices are never too prohibitive on RomanceTale, and if you consider that you do not have to travel to Asia in person and spend months on end there trying to find a life partner, it is naught.

RomanceTale Advantages & Disadvantages

Like every good thing out RomanceTale has its pros and cons. Being generally a safe and effective place to go looking for a new relationship, it has its drawbacks that come with the territory. Those are very scarce though.

RomanceTale Cons

  • some profiles look too good to be true and are not active;
  • there is no IRL date arrangement service;
  • during a busy season, it might take up to 24 hours for the customer support to get back to you.

RomanceTale Advantages

These disadvantages are about the only ones I was able to point out after several weeks of intensely using the services of RomanceTale. On the other side of the scale, the benefits of this online dating medium far outweigh any shortcomings:

  • Huge user database;
  • Female accounts belong to model-quality Asian ladies;
  • Male to female ratio is 1:3, making it easy to find a girlfriend;
  • The pricing is affordable, with lots of discounts and value packages;
  • The user profiles are active and most of them verified;
  • Messaging system is diversified;
  • Payment is SSL protected and safe;
  • Customer support guarantees safety and anonymity;
  • Excellent success rates;
  • Assorted and fun-to-use search filters.

RomanceTale Review – Summary

I hope this RomanceTale review has helped you make up your mind as to whether or not the site is worth your while. To sum it up, I’d like to reiterate that while the site has its setbacks in form of occasional fakes among users which the customer support makes its point of eradicating as fast as they can, RomanceTale remains one of the oldest and most trusted dating services in the niche of mail order brides from Asia. If the charming ladies from East Asia is your type, you will definitely benefit from choosing this website for a dedicated, focused and effective search for a partner.