Russian Mail Order Brides

Russian Mail Order Brides: Who Are They?

Russia is a huge country with significant opportunities. However, some women are still dreaming about a prince who will take them abroad to their dream life where they can be in loved and happy forever. What makes Russian women so beautiful, intelligent, and as a result desirable? New myths and rumors appear every day. Most of them are truthful. An average Russian mail order bride is intelligent, pretty, tall, fit, skilled in a household, and loving. Russian women have high family values and can become the best friend to the man she gets married. Emotionality and honesty characterize them. Ladies are dreaming of being happily and successfully married a prince of her dream. It is better for them this man to be an attractive foreigner.

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Who are Russian mail order brides?

The Slavic female part of the society has a recognizable idiosyncrasy. They have it all: the beauty, the intelligence, the desire to become the world’s best wife for her one and only. The main traits of Russian mail order wives are as follows have:

  • an outstanding beauty
  • excellent cooking skills
  • the skill of making the man feel like the main in the family
  • Breadwinning abilities for themselves (but can allow you to become the one for her)
  • very special friendship values
  • skills in various house holding activities
  • health
  • fit bodies
  • They know what healthy food looks and tastes like
  • They love nature

Every representative of humanity is looking for the best partner to give birth to the next generation which is strong, intelligent, and healthy. Therefore beauty is the best navigator to the most appropriate spouses to have children with. All of us know the best ones. Luckily enough, Russia can offer a lot of options for finding desirable wives.

Russian bride for marriage

Who are Russian ladies like?

Russian mail order brides are girls with hope. They are brave women who don’t afraid to become a better version of themselves. They let themselves a chance for happiness. This happiness can cost plenty of effort and hopes. She must learn a foreign language and leave her hometown to have a chance for building her own family. Therefore it cost her plenty of effort to go for this step. The local society dictates its own rules where she must get married no later than 25 because her biological clock is ticking. Most Russian mail order wives are mature enough to create a family till they turn 26.

They graduate high school at the age of 16 or 18. The same year they enter the university, and in five years they are specialists with a master’s degree. Most ladies have both higher education and work experience by the age of 25. It makes ladies not only beautiful but intelligent as well. The average time for getting married is 21-28. They can concentrate on family values and babies by this time.

On the other hand, there are seniors, women over 40 who want to have a second chance for happiness. They are gorgeous and intelligent as well. It is necessary to acknowledge that those ladies are former USSR residents with conservative views. However, if you find a profile of such a lady online, you have found a brave open-minded person.

Where to find a Russian mail order bride?

Best Russian mail order bride services offer a great selection of women seeking happiness. Don’t be surprised if you find all of them to look like a real model. That’s a Slavic reality that is often taken for granted. Mail order bride websites are created to give those ladies a chance to make their dream come true and to help foreign men in finding the best spouse without traveling all the way to Russia. Online platforms are the best decision for a modern person. It saves not only your time but money and efforts as well. Buying a membership is cheaper than traveling to the Russian Federation. Due to the filters and matching algorithms you can fasten the selection process and make it easier in a few clicks.

How much does a Russian mail order bride cost?

It is impossible to buy a Russian mail order bride. You can bu her expensive presents, but you will never know if she loves you or your wealth. What you can buy is a service that helps you to communicate with Russian mail order brides. The service gives you a chance to reach the community of marriage-oriented women and provide assisting services such as:

  • Advisory services on communication
  • Translating
  • Scam protection
  • Filtering and matching
  • Video chat
  • Travel assistance

Note that most services have 24/7 customer support that can assist you on any question.

Russian girl for marriage

The role of a man in the house for Russian brides

Since her very childhood Russian mail order bride praises the social roles of marriage. She realizes he is a breadwinner for herself and her kids. Husband is her best friend, support, defender, and lover. She is pleasing him in every possible way. That is the way most Russian girls are brought up.

Why local men don’t appreciate this? There are a few reasons.

  • World War II has left its mark. The most courageous men were brought to the war, and many of them have never returned. Others have various psychological traumas and often refuse to have children or families. There are plenty of literature and songs describing these events.
  • Many men feel relaxed next to such a woman. They see her beauty, success in career and feel like there is nothing they can surprise them with. The beauty standards are high in Russia.
  • The female part of most Slavic countries exceeds the male part.

Every woman is skilled in householding

Girls from post-soviet union countries have been brought up by mothers with conservative soviet beliefs. The Soviet woman should be not only intelligent but also an excellent hostess. The house must be clean, the husband must be full and pleased. Most women in Russia do all the house routines themselves without asking for help. Don’t be surprised when you wake up at fresh sheets and notice not only ironed clothes but a prepared breakfast as well. You will have your lunchbox and meals for dinner will always wait for you.

A significant number of Russian families never had a drain, dishwasher, or other appliances in their apartments. Ironing and washing dishes is her daily routine. Some of the families didn’t have a washing machine and a vacuum cleaner. All of them know how to take good care of the house to keep it clean and cozy.

What makes mail order Russian wives so attractive?

The Soviet mentality has dictated the beauty standards until 1990. Males and females were supposed to be almost equal. There were no high heels, mini skirts, and make up for them. Today, when we have all the diversity of various products, Russian women feel like in heaven. They gladly take good care of themselves and buy the best clothes they can afford. Buyers – a person who goes to Europe and buys the best clothes – is a popular and perspective profession. A stylist is another successful career path. Be it a previous soviet deficit that has created a special mentality, but Russian mail order brides pay more attention to their appearance than other nationalities.

Another reason is the high beauty standards. In an environment where every fifth lady is a potential top model, it is hard to ignore personal appearance. Every woman tries hard to be one of the best. Society dictates high standards and most ladies are doing their best to look gorgeous.

Why are Russian ladies excellent cooks?

There are a few reasons why Russian mail order brides are excellent cooks:

  • It improves her chances to find a groom.
  • She spent her childhood under conditions deficit.
  • She goes out to have a dinner outside only when there is a celebration.
  • They cook fresh meals at home ant take the lunch box.
  • Most of the families have a country house where they plant fresh vegetables. They know what bio and healthy tastes like.

Russian mail order brides take personal cooking skills and beauty for granted. The house where she was brought up was always full of tasty homemade food. Locals like to joke about Russian grannies whose obligation is to feed her grandchildren to death. It would be nice to use this joke when talking to your chosen lady. Preparing meals for dinner is something that is rooted deeply in her consciousness. For many centuries it meant happy marriage and loving husband for her.

Average Russian Mail Order Bride Is Well Educated

Russian society dictates strict rules. Every person must be well educated. Therefore there are no gap years. Everyone seeks to have higher education as soon as they have graduated high school. An average 30-year-old Russian woman has a higher education and at least five years of work experience. Many people seek to have a second degree. It considers being the highest standard of living and success. Therefore almost every woman you meet at mail order bride service is intelligent and educated.

You will always find the topic to discuss with a mail order bride from the Russian Federation. Many of them love to read and educate themselves. Russian women acknowledge the importance of continuous self education and enjoy the learning process. They would grandly proceed with a career on a new place. The perspective of endless opportunities seems attractive.

Russian beauties all over the world

Every big city in the world has plenty of Russians. Some of the ladies are happily married to locals. Other world-known women have proven the status of the nation all over the globe. They are:

  • Natalia Vodianova, top model and actress
  • Maria Sharapova, a model and a professional tennis player
  • Alina Kabaeva, a rhythmic gymnast, a world champion

These women are only a few examples of how beautiful and successful Russian women are. There are plenty of top models that participate in every fashion week. If you buy a fashion journal, you will find there at least one Russian model.

Russian mail order bride

Why do Russian beauties become mail order brides?

  • Ambitious
  • Desire have a loving and carrying relationships
  • Desire to be appreciated
  • Lack of men
  • Desire to change the country
  • Desire to integrate into another culture
  • Spectaculars career perspectives

Everything looks attractive for Russian ladies abroad. Residents fo small towns are attracted the most. The perspective of being successfully married is the best that can happen in their lives. Women are waiting for their prince and investing great efforts in making it happen.

How to find the best lady?

Note that you can easily feel frustrated and confused among so many beautiful profiles. Make a list of traits and features you would like to avoid. For example:

  • Smokers
  • Brown haired
  • Vegetarian
  • Too tall ones
  • Cat lovers

If you have a better understanding of what your future wife should look like, make a list of her strong features.

  • Sport lover
  • Blond
  • Good cook
  • Wakes up early
  • Loves skiing
  • Enjoys football

It is an example of the list. Choosing the traits that seem faithful and attractive to you will fasten the process.

How to gain her heart?

Russian women dream of a foreign prince to marry her. However, they won’t get married to the next man who drops her a message. She is very picky. It may cost you some effort to make her heart melt. Here are some tips:

  • Give her honest compliments
  • Ask her about her life and family
  • Learn a few Russian phrases to make her smile
  • Send her a card
  • Write her a message every morning and every evening

How not to get in trouble?

  • Don’t send her money
  • Don’t buy her VISA or flight tickets
  • Don’t buy her expensive presents
  • Don’t go to Russia without a video chat session
  • Don’t sign up for any other services if she forces you to do so

Most of the actions are suspicious and will not lead to a happy marriage. It would be more relevant to find a girl you are 100% confident in and try do everything you can to make her happy. Good luck!