RussianBrides Review


  • Wide range of communication options
  • High security level
  • Very specific and interesting audience

RussianBrides Dating – Introducing

Few could argue nowadays that online dating is worth its salt. While it is unrealistic for most to travel abroad and find a wife in Russia when one has a thing for Eastern Europe beauties, online dating services like Russian make things happen. By opting for this path, you will save time, energy and most importantly, money.

Indeed, the websites specialized in the meeting with the girls of the East will avoid you to go to Russia, Ukraine, and other Eastern countries to find the soul mate. Similarly, they will allow you to quickly meet beautiful young women serious and eager to find love, the truth. Read this RussianBrides review to find out if this is a place that is right for you, as well as several valuable tips on how to maximize your chances of success with online dating.

What Is RussianBrides?

RussianBrides is a site that will allow you to meet beautiful Russian girls, young Russian women, and mature Russian women… All singles! This is the site to be on if you want to start a love affair with beautiful Slavic beauty. Users behind the majority of profiles are real; but if you suspect fraudulent activity, you are encouraged to report to the site moderators and they will address the issue promptly.

The site can be effectively used by seasoned online daters as well as by those who start this activity. Not only the interface of the site is simple, but in addition, you can block unwanted users, you can report a person who attracts you, you can even send them messages. However, if you are serious about finding a partner through correspondence, you will need to upgrade to Premium membership. The good news is that the rates are affordable and rather flexible.

It doesn’t take much time or effort: choose a username and a password, create and fill out your profile page, and start looking for the woman of your life. See someone you fancy? Let them know! Yes, the site is called RussianBrides, but other women of other origins are there, but they are all from Eastern Europe.

This site is especially useful for those who appreciate simple dating sites! Everything about this site is simple, but what is important to remember is that the profiles are real and verified and there is something for everyone.

Is RussianBrides Real or Scam?

As the number of men, and women also, who want to find their half in Eastern Europe continues to increase, specialized dating sites in the field do not cease to grow. The level of safety you get from online dating sites improves steadily, and so does the efficacy. This is logical, for the better it gets, the more people engage in it. And the more people engage in it, the better it gets! Also, if you are determined to find love or why not, friendship in Eastern Europe here is a comparison of the best dating sites specialized in the field, according to the team of Love of the East.

Answering the subtitle question, yes, is a real service that gives real results to subscribers on both sides. The management of the site stays very attentive to the kind of traffic they get, focusing on encouraging the active use of the site features. RussianBrides com reviews are almost unanimous about the usability of the site, the great search and matching tools, and the absolute stunningness of ladies populating its pages.

RussianBrides Matching & Texting Tools

Russian Brides is one of the best dating sites that has developed tools to filter singles based on their profile. Thus, on these platforms, it is no longer a question of picking at random, but of meeting only the people who interest us and, above all, who correspond to our own profile. The site suggests, for this purpose, various personality tests and uses an algorithm system. As a result, only profiles that have a real chance of getting along are linked together. As a bonus, dating sites allow you to chat and get to know each other before going further and setting an appointment. In real life, many first dates are disappointing (if there is a first date!).

RussianBrides Members Quality

RussianBrides dating site is a hybrid site: semi-dating site and semi-marriage agency. However, despite its rather serious nature in the search for love, it also allows finding friends, from Eastern Europe. So whether you’re teasing or too serious and if you do not want to waste your time discussing uninteresting topics, this dating site could quite help you get what you want.

Just know that everything must be done as naturally as possible and step by step on this site. Thanks to moderators, you can be protected from impostors and in addition, you can go at your own pace also through emails. In short, this site is serious enough to satisfy you fully, especially if you are actively looking for love in Eastern Europe.

There is a total of 25,000 single women coming from the countries of the Post-Soviet space, which is mostly Russia and Ukraine. These women sport a reputation of the beauties that put the names of their countries on the map. You hear the stories about their legendary charm, and this builds up enigma around them that is already enough to get you going. It takes one trip to Russia to see where all those legends come from: tall, svelte goddesses with bodies and gait of top models, angelic faces and gorgeous hair flaunt the streets of every Russian city. They are dolled up and groomed to make the photoshoot ready any time of the day, all because of the competition they face in their country: statistically, there are 88 men for every 100 women in Russia.

Sexy Russian girls create their profiles on RussianBrides and take my word for it, they mean business. They are regular site users and respond diligently to every message you send them. You will be pleasantly surprised that they have warm and outgoing personalities, most of them are well educated and smart. Finding your next love on RussianBrides is as easy as a pie!

Features at RussianBrides Dating Site

RussianBrides is a very modern meeting platform and thanks to it, hundreds of couples have formed. By registering on the site, you can find love in Russia first, but also in other Eastern countries. Since the profiles on this site are real, you must be prepared to meet your favorites and therefore, to travel. To be reassured, note that you will be entitled to the LiveCam option that will allow you to see your correspondent. Finally, note that you will also be entitled to webcam chat if you want.

You can also send virtual gifts and real-life gifts and flowers as a complimentary service on RussianBrides. There is also this unique “Let’s Mingle” feature that enables you to send you an ice-breaker message to multiple matches that correspond to your search criteria.

Premium Account – Payment & Subscription

You will not be able to receive and send messages and you will not be able to boost your profile if you do not opt ​​for the premium subscription. There is a monthly fee to be paid besides the credit packs that you will have to buy in order to pay for messaging on the site.

However, please note that to unlock all features of RussianBrides, you will need to subscribe. Do not worry, this is a good investment and you have a choice of various credit packs to go with your Premium subscription: the Premium Pack 1 month at $15.99. With a Premium subscription, you will be able to chat privately with the webcam, consult the marriage agencies, send comments and flashes, consult the profiles of the people you are interested in, search for members and publish on the profiles of the people you like.

In order to engage in more meaningful interactions with the beautiful ladies of RussianBrides, you will have to buy credit packs. Their per-unit value drops with the increase in the pack size. You will spend around 6 credits per opening or sending off an email, and the same system of payment is applied to LiveChat and CamChat. This function makes you better think of the things you do and the correspondence you choose, which ultimately helps you make better choices and achieve more meaningful results. Paid members can download and use the RussianBrides app on their mobile devices.

As you can see, it is very easy to use the dating platform. Moreover, if you do not find love there, you will be able to find friends and the more you will visit the site, the more you will be recognized as a serious member.

RussianBrides Pros & Cons

RussianBrides reviews create a generally positive buzz. However, it is also rather subjective, and you might not see certain features as upsides or downsides, as do other users. Anyhow, this is what RussianBrides pros and cons look like, according to me:

  • Thousands of active users with daily newbies;
  • Great female profiles;
  • Safe dating environment;
  • High success rate reported by site management;
  • Unique features;
  • A convenient and usable app;
  • Complementary services by marriage agency;
  • Paid membership for males;
  • Occasional scam reports. Review – Summary

Paid subscriptions are only for men and this is understandably displeasing for the gentlemen. Anyway, site managers strive to create offers that are suitable for everyone so that everyone can find love. So, despite some flaws in this site, you can rely on it to find love in Eastern Europe! RussianBrides dating site is perfect for men who do not want to waste time and energy chasing out false profiles. Certainly, women of many origins are there, but it is easy to navigate and moderators are responsive.

Meeting a Russian woman is so easy these days thanks to the internet. Indeed, if you dream of meeting a beautiful Russian woman, with dating sites like RussianBrides, you can quickly find your happiness. Besides, we have tested this site for you. So you can finally start to search for your great Russian love or to contact beautiful girls from Eastern Europe.